Chemistry Film Studio

Chemistry demonstrations have an important role to play in teaching. They provide a visual attraction to the fun of chemistry and are a teaching aid for use with students.

The Chemistry Film Studio is a project to place the experiments you want to see on the internet.

These experiments are mainly targeted at schools, but other experiments that will be of interest to all chemists will also be included.

You will require Apple QuickTime 4 to view the films of the reactions:


You should use the latest versions of Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer in order to view these web pages.

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Introductory Text

  1. The Non-Burning £5 Note
  2. Disappearing Plastic
  3. The Colour Changes of Indicators
  4. A Giant Silver Mirror
  5. An Oscillating Reaction
  6. Sulphuric Acid as a Dehydrating Agent
  7. Reactions of the Alkali Metals
  8. A Redox Reaction
  9. Flame Colours
  10. Extracting Iron from Breakfast Cereal
  11. The Properties of Liquid Oxygen
  12. The Ammonium Dichromate 'Volcano'


  1. The 'Blue Bottle' Experiment
  2. Phenolphthalein as an Indicator
  3. Liquid Nitrogen Demonstrations
  4. The Density of Ice
  5. Red, White and Blue
  6. An Equilibrium Example

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