Definitions of abbreviations used

Halide unless otherwise stated
Alkyl or Aryl group
General base present
General acid present
Heat - may not be shown

Positions on an alkyl chain relative to a functionality

X on either position 1 or 2

Points to note
  1. Protonation/Deprotonation - If H-Base is present these are generally carried out in the step of the reaction in question.
  2. Heat - This may not be shown to aid clarity in the reaction scheme.
  3. Print Button - Prints the entire reaction mechanism with curly arrows but not the notes on the reaction.
  4. Resonance/Delocalisation - It is not necessary for the user to draw this in.
  5. Reaction Pathways - The reaction drawn may not be the most likely reaction outcome - the reactions shown are simply to illustrate the principles of the Named Reaction in question.
  6. Notes - These are very brief and general - for further information consult chemistry texts or inquire from your teacher.
Pages and mechanisms constructed and programmed by Matthew Smith and Chloe Yu, final year MChem research students in the Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford Copyright 1996-2005