3DChem.com - A new Molecule of the Month website

LiveChem An online video library of transition metal salt reaction. Nearly 300 videos for students to watch and learn from. Fully interactive Flash environment. *NEW* (May 2005)

Named Organic Mechanisms An interactive arrow pushing website which allows students to do some named organic reactions step by step, providing information and points to note about many of the reaction schemes. *NEW* (Apr 2005)

Flash Periodic Table *NEW* (Mar 2005)

Webcast Lecture Series Gives users a unique chance to view lectures in streamed video format, allowing them to experience lectures by leading figures from home. *NEW* (Dec 2004)

Interactive Organic Mechanisms A tutorial aimed at assisting in the understanding of simple reaction mechanisms. *NEW* (Oct 2004)

"Pre-University Chemistry Course" (an on-line chemistry course, chapters last updated Mar. 2003)Winner of the 2001 RSC Exemplarchem Competition.

Reaction Mechanisms At A Glance A tutorial based on the book of the same name by Dr Mark Maloney

Virtual Environments (explore a virtual Oxford taking you from the historic heart of the city to the university science buildings and into the chemistry teaching laboratories and lecture theatre)

Solid State Chemistry A comprehensive online Chemistry course covering solid state compounds.

Pericyclic Chemistry Online Resource (an online resource on Pericyclic Chemistry - based on Third Year Lecture course by Dr. J Robertson) Winner of the 2003 RSC Exemplarchem Competition.

Assigning Spectra (an interactive tutorial on the analysis of IR and Raman Spectra using Group Theoretical methods.) Overall Winner of the 2002 RSC Exemplarchem Competition.

Synthesis of Ketones (an interactive tutorial on the Claisen reaction and synthesis of ketones from b-ketoesters.)

Chemistry QuickTime TV(view several 12 minute streaming online TV channels explaining key topics to chemistry). You need QuickTime 4 to watch.

Last Update 2005

Virtual Experiments (click on the experiments below to launch interactive teaching practicals)


Interactive Organic Mechanisms

Metal ions in solution

Superconductor preparation

Organo transition metals

Named Organic Mechanism

Nickel(II) complexes

Simple inorganic solids



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