Boron Hydrides

Many boron hydrides known, B2H6 only is important (at this level).
Two points on the synthesis. BF3/NaBH4 best method for producing B2H6.
Alfred Stock's original method only used for hexaborane-10.
MgB2 + H2 B6H10
Stability; all endothermic (thermally unstable) compounds => kinetic stability.
Oxidation states < 3 => B-B bonding.
Structure and bonding is complex (Noble Prize).
Redox none on aqueous solution, but are reducing agents.
B-H  B-O favourable; transfers hydride ligand => reducing.
Pyrolysis of B2H6 under controled conditions give higher boranes:
 Acid/Base Properties
All are acidic
And many Lewis acid/base complexes known
; D = CO, PMe3, NMe3, Py etc...